1. All investments will be administered by Baplink which operates as part of The Baptist Union of Queensland of 53 Prospect Road, Gaythorne Queensland 4051. This is the body corporate incorporated under the “Religious and Educational and Charitable Institutions Act of 1861” by issue of Letters Patent.

2. Baplink is not subject to the following requirements.

   • To have a “Disclosure Document” or “Product Disclosure Statement” (PDS).

   • To be registered or have a trust deed under the Corporations Act 2001.

   • The scheme has not been examined or approved by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). However Baplink will deliver audited financial statements to ASIC each year.

   • Neither “The Baptist Union of Queensland” (controlling entity) nor “Baplink” (the fund) is prudentially supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

   • Contributions to the fund do not obtain the benefit of the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959.

3. Baplink accounts and schemes are designed for investors who wish to promote the charitable purposes of The Baptist Union of Queensland and its constituted Churches for whom the considerations of profit are not of primary relevance.

4. Such investments are not specifically secured but repayment is underwritten by the overall funds and assets of The Baptist Union of Queensland.

5. All profits derived from the activities of Baplink are used for the wider work of The Baptist Union of Queensland and its constituted Churches.

6. The investor will receive a written acknowledgment for each term investment.

7. An acknowledgment of investment is not a document of title but its surrender may be requested on repayment of the investment.

8. Investments are NOT TRANSFERABLE. Where a change of ownership is requested, Baplink will consider requests to invest the funds again in the new name.

9. A written request in the form of either a signed withdrawal, letter, fax, or email is required for a withdrawal.

10. Requests for withdrawal of investments in joint names must be signed by all parties concerned unless authority on the Application Form is completed to allow for one signatory.

11. Baplink reserves the right to repay any or all investments on giving one calendar month’s notice of its intention to do so by letter forwarded to the last known address of the investor.

12. Baplink reserves the right to refuse any investment without assigning a reason.

13. In the event of the death of the investor Baplink will pay the investment(s) to the personal representative, Executor or Administrator on completion of legal formalities to the satisfaction of Baplink, except in the case of joint accounts where the investment will be transferred to the surviving investor.

Kingdom Offset Accounts

14. Kingdom Offset Accounts are non-interest bearing accounts managed by Baplink for the benefit of The Baptist Union of Queensland and its constituted Churches and affiliates.

15. Offset Account, for which the investor may nominate a specific Church or member organisation that has a loan account with Baplink to receive the investment by way of an offset account that reduces the interest payable on the nominated recipient’s loan account (provided the offset funds are less than the outstanding loan). There is no income derived by the nominated recipient or the investor (constructively) from this type of account and Baplink will not provide the investor with any notice of interest saved.

Term Investments

16. A maturity advice notice will be posted to each investor approximately one month before maturity requesting instructions from the investor.

17. If the investor so requests, the investment will be repaid on the maturity date or by the next business day.

18. In the absence of a request for repayment or renewal, the investment will be re-invested for a similar fixed term on terms and conditions then applying.

Important Notice

In line with changes to banking regulations, Baplink will be required to comply with tighter liquidity standards as administered by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA).

As a result, Baplink is required to introduce the condition, that an early closure/partial withdrawal of a Fixed Term Investment, cannot be made until the expiry of 31 days after such a request has been made and is agreed by Baplink. The 31 days notice will generally commence from the day that Baplink receives the request in writing to break the investment.

Baplink may release partial/all funds early in the term, in the case when an investor’s exceptional circumstances lead to hardship. Under these circumstances, penalty rates may apply on the remaining investment.

Privacy Statement

The Privacy act applies to Baplink from 21 December 2001:

We collect and use personal information from you for the purpose of:

− Performing administrative tasks and managing your accounts with Baplink

− Telling you about other products and services provided by Baplink or other organisations

− Product development, research and managing business operations

− Complying with legislative and regulatory requirements

We may also disclose this information to organisations providing processing and other support functions to Baplink. If you provide incomplete or inaccurate information, we will not be able to process your application or provide efficient services to you.

The Privacy act allows you to have access to and correct records or personal information held by us.

If you wish to make an enquiry or complaint regarding the information we hold about you, you can contact our Privacy officer at the address on the front cover.

Tax File Number Information

Give your Tax File Number or give the appropriate exemption information. If you are exempt but have a Tax file Number, it is safer to give your Tax File Number in the event your circumstances change.


For details about who is exempt, please refer to the booklet New Tax Rules for Savings accounts and Investments available from the Australian Taxation Office.

Pensioner—In the space provided for Exemption, write the full name of the

pension received: Age Pension, Wife Pension, Invalid Pension, Carer’s Pension, Service Pension, Widow’s Pension, Sole Parent’s Pension, Special Benefit, Rehabilitation Allowance.

Child Under 16—in the space for Exemption, write the child’s date of birth.

Organisation not required to lodge a Tax Return

In the space for Exemption, write ‘NIL’ and the reason why the organisation is not required to lodge a Tax Return.


The collection of Tax File Number information is authorised and its use and disclosure are strictly regulated by the tax laws and the Privacy Act. Please note that it is not against the law if you choose not to give your Tax File Number or Exemption but tax may be taken out of your interest.